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Cumulative GPA Calculator

The cumulative GPA calculator is an online free-to-use tool to generate the cumulative GPA for the semester. The cumulative GPA calculator online quickly generates your cumulative GPA in less than a minute.

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Students use the cumulative GPA Calculator to calculate their overall GPA in a semester. Unlike GPA Calculator, the CGPA calculator calculates the general student’s academic performance in college or university life.

There are two types of CGPA one is the Weighted CGPA and the other type is the UnWeighted CGPA.

Weighted CGPA is calculated on a scale of 5.0 or sometimes 6.0 which adds extra points for the difficulty of the course a student takes during his university graduation.

UnWeighted CGPA is calculated on a scale of 4.0, often called the straightforward CGPA calculation scale. The difficulty, of course, and hardship a student faces during graduation is not entertained in this CGPA type.

How To Use The Cumulative GPA Calculator

cumulative gpa calculator

To use the CGPA calculator, you must have all your subjects, their grades, and the number of credit hours they took in one place.


cumulative gpa calculator

Enter your subjects inside the subject box one by one. You can click “Add Another Subject” to add more subjects to the GPA Calculator.

Grades & Credit Hour

Select the grades against each subject that you entered. Once you select the grades for each subject, enter the credit hours for each subject.

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Calculate GPA

Now once you are done with adding your subject, selecting grades, and entering your credit hour, click on the Calculate GPA button to calculate your semester GPA.

The popup contains your GPA; you can close the page or return to the GPA calculator.

Final Grade Calculator

Add Another Semester

The cumulative GPA calculator is used for calculating the GPA for all the semesters. To calculate CGPA, you must hit the add another semester button and keep adding the semester until it’s done.

Once you add all the semesters, click the calculate Final GPA, and the pop-up will appear with your final GPA.

college GPA calculator

Grades and Percentages into GPA Points Table

Usually, when a student gets his result, he only sees grades or percentages. So how will he convert the grades or rates into GPA points to calculate his final grade points? The following table shows how you can easily convert your grades or portion into GPA points to calculate your final grade average without any problem.

Letter GradePercentageGPA Points
E/FBelow 650.0

Anyone can easily convert their grades or percentage into GPA points using the above conversion table. These GPA points are added, and the final GPA Points are divided by the total number of subjects to attain the final GPA.

The above table is according to the 4.0 GPA scale, often called unweighted GPA, where the struggle and hardship of a course taken by a student are not considered GPA points.

High school grades are often confusing for students to understand what exactly a specific grade means. The following High School grade table will clear the confusion.

High School GradesMeaning
A, A+ A-Excellent!
B, B+, B-80-89% Marks Good Job
C, C+, C-70-79% Marks Try Harder
D, D+, D-More efforts are required, but it is still considered passed
PPassing Marks
*No grade available

How To Calculate High School GPA

The high school GPA Calculator is an easy and fast way to calculate your high school GPA online.

The manual calculating your High School GPA is similar to the College GPA calculator. High School GPA is the stepping stone for getting into a reputed college and is a valuable asset in a student’s life. If you fail to secure a good high school GPA, you will face many problems getting into a reputed college.

To calculate your High School GPA, follow the step-by-step guide for weighted and unweighted high school GPAs.

Convert Your Letter Grade into GPA Points:

High schools often give results in letter grades, and to find your GPA, you need to convert those grades into GPA Points.

For Unweighted GPA:

Letter GradeGPA Points

For Weighted GPA:

Letter GradeGPA Points

Adding the Total GPA Points:

To demonstrate this, we will take example data from a student who took A, B, A, D, B, and C these grades in an exam.

Convert the letter grades into GPA points: 4.0,3.0,4.0,1.0,3.0 and 2.0.

Now we will add these GPA points: 4+3+4+1+3+2 = 18

Now we will divide the total GPA points by the total number of subjects: 18 ➗ 6 = 3

So 3.0 is the final High School GPA.

How To Achieve High Grades at University

Getting high grades in university is a dream of every student, and often they turn themselves into study machines to achieve it. These grades or GPAs bind their whole future. You can increase your GPA or achieve high rates in university by the following points:

  1. Make yourself a regular student.
  2. Show your presence in the class by participating and asking questions.
  3. Organize yourself, make proper goals, and work on how to achieve them.
  4. Do daily study reviews at night.
  5. Get into the company of intelligent students.
  6. Avoid lousy company in university.
  7. Become regular at the library,
  8. Study Smart.

Any student can achieve any grade he or she wants. All it needs is dedication and goals. 

Learn how to calcualte GPA in Pakistan

Cumulative GPA Calculator - FAQ

To calculate your semester GPA, you need to write all your subjects on a piece of paper. Write your obtained grades against each subject and convert the letter grade into GPA Points.

Once you the GPA points of each subject add them and divide it by the total number of subjects you took. This will give you your final semester GPA.

Major Subjects are those which are not common. Make a list of all the major subjects you took in your graduation. Write the letter grades in front of them. 

Now convert these letter grades into GPA points. Add all the GPA points and divide it by the total number of Major subjects. 

This will give you, your final GPA for the major subjects.

To calculate your future GPA for the current course, write all the subjects and their letter grade that you took and the current subjects your are taking in this semester. Write the expected letter grades in front the current subjects your are taking in the course.

Now, conver all the letter grades into GPA points and add them together. Divide the total GAP Points by the total number of subjects. 

This will give you GPA after your current semester.

To calculate unweighted cumulative GPA, write a list of all the subject you took and write their grades. Convert the grades to GPA points, an A means 4.0, B mean 3.5 and C mean 3.0. 

Now add up all the GPA points to get the final GPA points. Now divide the number by the total number of subjects. This will give you unweighted cumulative GPA.

To calculate weighted cumulative GPA, make a list of subjects with their grades you took in the course. Add the extra points according to the subject difficulty. 

Find the GPA points against each subjects and add them all together.

Add all the points and divide it by the total number of subjects to get weighted cumulative GPA.

To Calculate GPA from your transcript, you need to make a list of all the subjects mentioned on the transcript and write their letter grades in front of them.

Convert the letter grades into GPA Points and add them all together. Now divide the final GPA point by the total number of subjects mentioned on the transcript. The final value your GPA from the issued transcript.

GPA is a very important thing for a student. A GPA is the based for good paying jobs in almost every where. 

GPA is often used to calculate the overall academic performance of a student who is willing to apply for a sponsorship in European or North American Universities.

If you wish to apply for a good private job or a government job having a really good GPA, you surely gonna be hired in no time.

In college geting a straight A’s in every subject is not a difficult task. Getting straight A’s in college need the following things: 

  1. Be active in your class. 
  2. Never miss a class or lecture.
  3. Sit in the front row to stay focus on the lecture.
  4. Get into the sharp students community or join a group of hard working students.
  5. Avoid the company of back benchers.
  6. Stay focus through out the course.

GPA above 3.3 is considered a good GPA in college. Getting a good GPA in college will ease up the way for getting admitted to a reputed university. Getting a good GPA in college will also make you applicable for applying for a sponsorship.

In university, education is typically tough as compare to college or high school subjects. 3.3 or 3.5 is considered to be a good GPA in universities.

Getting a good GPA in university is not an easy task.